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Legend Of The Fall

by Peter Duyzer

ISBN 978-1-927581-15-5


9 x 6 x 0.9 inches - 1.2 pounds

Within Pentecostal and Charismatic circles William Branham appeared a man with the combined prophetic status and prowess of Moses, Elijah and John the Baptist. His ministry of healing spearheaded the Healing Revival of the '40s and '50s. The miraculous which was said to attend his meetings dwarfed even the biblical accounts of Jesus' ministry. Appearances of pillars of fire, Christ, the Holy Spirit, angels, clouds and other phenomena were stated to accompany his meetings. Discernments of illnesses and personal information of his patients, staggered the minds of many. His name is found in many religious encyclopedia and in countless Internet Websites, pro and con. Legend of the Fall examines Wm. Branham's life and ministry from the position of an insider. Peter M. Duyzer's evaluation of Wm. Branham's life and his message challenges the status quo of Wm. Branham as a man sent from God. Duyzer holds a Master's degree (MACS) in Modern Apologetics from Northwest Baptist Seminary at Trinity Western University, in Langley, BC, Canada.

Praise for Legend of the Fall
Few people have investigated and analyzed the life and teachings of William Marrion Branham in greater detail than Peter Duyzer. Coming from within Branham’s movement, itself, Duyzer demonstrates a unique understanding of both the man and his message. By all accounts Branham was both a fascinating and captivating religious figure of the twentieth century. His claims to be a prophet, a healer, and one who could disclose personal information of others, including diagnoses of their medical conditions, wowed many and earned him a ver y faithful following today. What are we to make of astounding claims and alleged activities like these? In this book, Duyzer has done the work that few others are either able or willing to do. As a trained theologian himself, he has looked deeply into Branham’s sermons and unveiled the teachings embedded there, giving necessary comparisons with biblical teaching. He has also provided some background
on the man himself, making this a comprehensive resource. Whether you are a follower, a critic, or simply a neutral observer, this book is a must read for anyone wanting to understand William Branham, his message, or even his life story.
Paul Chamberlain
Associate Professor of Apologetics & Philosophy
Director, Institute of Christian Apologetics,
Trinity Western University (ACTS division)
William Marrion Branham was one of the most interesting figures of popular religion during the twentieth century. As an influential healing evangelist of post-WWII America, he captivated crowds with his humble demeanor. Yet, the latter part of his life was marked by controversial doctrine and a loss of popularity among the Pentecostal masses. The Branham story remains fascinating because his doctrinal teachings endure as the “Message,” and followers today believe Branham to be the prophet of the end-time. In this book, Peter Duyzer, after painstaking and thorough research into Branham’s voluminous sermons (which serve as sacred writings to his followers) provides a thorough examination of Branham’s doctrine. Readers who are interested
in Branham’s message, apologetics, the popularity of “new religious movements,” and/or the popularity of “end-time” religious groups, will want to read Duyzer’s analysis.
Doug Weaver
Professor of Religion
Baylor University
There is one name that represents the signs and wonders and healing movement more than any other in our modern history -- that is William Branham. He has become the source of inspiration and a ministry model for many today, yet much of his life and teachings are veiled. Peter Duyzer’s book is unique, because of Peter’s former background being part of the “message” believers. His research is thorough, as he takes us behind this veil and presents pertinent information not found anywhere else on this master of supernatural stories. Branham’s claim to be the last days prophet to the church and his illness diagnoses are challenged and refuted. With much documentation and insight Peter shows the internal contradictions in his sermons, and spiritual experiences that are in opposition to the Bible. I highly recommend the book Legend of the Fall to
anyone interested in learning about William Branham and modern church history.
Mike Oppenheimer
Director of Let Us Reason Ministries
Thirty-two years ago I was a follower of William Branham’s “Message”. My pastor back then had criticized a booklet which dared to suggest that if William Branham wasn’t lying about having seen seven angels while hunting Javelina in the Arizona desert, then he was hunting out of season. That claim troubled me greatly. I
checked it out for myself, and within 2 months I became a former follower of the Message. Little did I know that the man who wrote the booklet that would change the direction of my life would one day become my good friend and fellow servant of the Lord, Peter Duyzer. Peter’s diligent research has led to the publication of his book, The Legend of the Fall, which I believe is the most comprehensive examination of the life and teachings of William Branham available. I highly recommend it not only to those who want to know more about William Branham and his teachings, but to those who still follow his Message. I guarantee that regardless of how much you know about William Branham, you will be surprised at the amount of relevant information you didn’t know after reading this book.
John Kennah, Owner of
William Branham and His MessageWebsite
Host of Message of William Branham Support Forum
Peter Duyzer’s book, “Legend of the Fall” changed my life. If you have ever heard the name William Marrion Branham, you need to read this book. It will set you free.
Reba Gould, Former Follower, Tucson, AZ.
I began to search on the Internet and came across Peter Duyzer’s book, “Legend of the Fall”. In this book the lies in William Branham Life Story and in his message are exposed one by one, until nothing is left to hold on to. It was a revelation! Peter Coen, Belgium.

Years of research and vast numbers of references make “Legend of the Fall” the most authoritative book available to date regarding the ministry and false doctrines of William Branham. It is impossible to consider the preponderance of evidence and come away without a new view of Branham’s legacy.
Jennifer Collins, Former Follower, Jeffersonville, IN.
Mr. Duyzer’s research is a treasure for people currently or formerly involved with the ministry of William Branham. He knows it from the inside out.
Former Follower, Jeffersonville, Indiana.
With all of the information now available regarding William Branham’s ministry, it is exciting to finally have a concise and well referenced work that brings all of the facts together in one place. I would highly recommend “Legend of the Fall” to all fellow students of Truth.
Emily Arndt, Missionary serving with Christian Veterinary Mission in Uganda, East Africa
“’Legend of the Fall’ is a goldmine of well-referenced facts. This book isn’t just opinion: its the cold hard truth about William Branham’s life.”
Jeremy Bergen, Editor,
My grandfather was William Branham’s associate, the current pastor of Branham’s home church of Jeffersonville…Legend of the Fall was fundamental in my realization that the myths we believed were in error…[and did] not line up with recorded history, government documents, or even different versions of the stories Branham told as he travelled from town to town. The book was painful, each line tearing away threads of fiction that were woven around the worship that had molded each of us…Ultimately, this book was the reason behind my decision to help extricate those worshipping this man, who deceived the masses. Without its gentle approach to difficult truths, the magical spell cast by fictional heart-warming stories could not be broken. Thanks to Legend of the Fall, lives are being changed around the globe.
John Collins, Author and Webmaster, Seek Ye The Truth.


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