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ISP is an imprint of CanBooks, a Canadian publishing house. Most ISP publications are released in either electronic format or as hardcover volumes with educational standard binding. Our objective is to help Independent Scholars achieve their publishing goals.

There are lots of academic publishing house, why should I turn to ISP?

The answer is: You shouldn't. If a well recognized publishing house is open to publishing your book, then you should go with them. You will get better service, exposure, and peer reviews. Please, by all means, start checking with every academic publishing house that is open to you.

However, if no one will consider your manuscript, then ask yourself two questions. 1. Why not? Is there something inherently wrong with your proposed publication? If so, make changes, and resubmit. 2. However, if your subject is not well accepted by main stream academia, but you feel your research is sound, consider ISP. Perhaps other academic publishing houses are rejecting your manuscript because you do not have an academic qualifications in the subject matter you are addressing. Perhaps your theory is not well accepted by main-stream academia but you feel you have a well presented case. Whatever the reason, ISP might be the place for you to turn to next.

What Does ISP offer?

ISP has limited financial resources, and therefore we accept only a few manuscripts that we feel will be purchased by an interested audience. You might have a great book on the pottery of the Kingdom of Inabba in ancient Yemen, but if there is no market, how can ISP cover expenses? For books like this, we can offer you electronic publishing only. For books that have a wider audience, we provide full publishing services.

ISP is an imprint of CanBooks, a Canadian publishing house. ISP books are sold from online book sellers, independent websites, and other distribution channels.


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